Chinese Nuptial Customs

chinese guy dating tips Chinese chinese mail order brides nuptial traditions are a the main culture, and there are lots of things that you can do to create your wedding day a particular one. By dressing up in classic attire to reciting a great ode on your ancestors and serving raw dumplings, there are plenty of interesting traditions to try out.

Dressing Up

The bride usually wears a red bridal dress called a qipao, which is a symbol of happiness and good luck. She’ll also cover her confront with a reddish colored veil at the wedding day.

Tea Ceremony

In Chinese tradition, the groom and bride serve their parents and parents with a extraordinary tea prior to wedding dinner. This really is an important custom since it shows their reverence and appreciation for their people.

Guo Da Li

The Guo Da Li is an important wedding party tradition the place that the couple’s groups meet just for the 1st period. During the commemoration, gifts are exchanged between the individuals to show their particular blessings for the modern married couple.

Si Dian Jin

Through the Guo Mouthpiece Li, the groom’s family group will present the bride with an antique called the “Si Dian Jin. ” That is a gift of four pieces of precious metal that symbolizes the promise the fact that groom’s friends and family will support and take precautions with their daughter-in-law throughout her life.


Before, a groom’s groomsmen would join him to get the star of the wedding from her home following she experienced changed into her wedding gown. Then they wait for a male member belonging to the groom’s family group to open the doorway before the bridegroom can go into.

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