[Instant Nursing Help From 9$/Pg] Conduct Initial Literature Searchpick

[Instant Nursing Help From 9$/Pg] Conduct Initial Literature Searchpick

1.Paper Stage I: Submit Topic and conduct initial Literature Search for Issue BriefChoose Topic and Conduct initial Literature SearchPick one topic from any of the areas below or suggest own topic

  • demographics, e.g., race/ethnicity, youth, older adults, immigrants
  • co-morbidities, e.g., diabetes, tobacco users, mental health, heart disease
  • situations, e.g., pollution, malnutrition, impact quarantine

Use Medline, CINAHL, PsycINFO Library Database and limit to Peer Reviewed, full text and most recent.

  • Search terms: covid, covid-19 or coronavirus or 2019-ncov or sars-cov-2 or cov-19 AND chosen topic
  • Search through list of results and find and download pdfs of 3-5 sources to use in final paper

In a document upload Stage I with: Title (COVID and ___ ), then formatted reference list in APA format

  • Under each reference write 3-4 sentences/bullet points of the facts or ideas from the article to include in final paper (Do NOT copy/paste from the article abstract).
  • Upload pdfs of articles to verify references

2.Read the textbook chapter(Hayden (2023). Jones & Bartlett Learning)  and article at the end of the chapter. Answer the associated questions about the article at the end of the chapter. This will help you begin to think about the theory and its application. After answering the questions, at the end of the page respond to the following general prompt about the lecture material:“Think about the theory/model/framework we will be discussing this week, in your own words tell me what type of theory it is (i.e. intrapersonal, interpersonal, social, community, etc.) and what is the most important construct that you feels impacts behavior change?”The response should be no more than 150-200 words and there should be no use of references.

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