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You may have heard the saying that those who discover or create new knowledge “stand upon the shoulders of giants.” As a future social worker, you will stand on the shoulders of many individuals who have come before you. These influential people may have fought for women’s suffrage, African American rights, or poverty assistance, among other social causes. You may be familiar with their names through your textbook readings for this course, or they may be entirely unknown to you.


Choose one of the following social work policy makers as the focus of your paper, and identify a signature social policy effected by that person:

Jane Addams
Clara Barton
Dorothy Day
William Edward B. DuBois
Medgar Evers
Mary Richmond
Dorothea Spellman
Harriett Tubman
Booker T. Washington

 Submit a 4- to 6-page scholarly paper using the following outline: 



  1. Biography of the Social Work Policy Maker
    • Provide a brief background of the policy maker, including family and professional history.
  2. The Social Welfare Policy/Service
    • Describe the core tenets of the policy developed by the policy maker upon which you focused.
    • Explain the community needs for this policy.
    • Describe the population/community served by this policy.
    • Explain the process of developing and enacting this policy.
  3. Impact of the Policy
    • describe how this policy addressed the needs of a population/community.
    • Describe how this policy advocated for a population and served social justice.
    • Explain how this policy changed the community.
  4. Practice Implications
    • Discuss how this policy impacts social work practice today.



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