[Instant Nursing Help From 9$/Pg] Htn Treatment Includes Lisinopril

[Instant Nursing Help From 9$/Pg] Htn Treatment Includes Lisinopril


case #2 

• A 58-year-old male patient with history of HTN and T2DM presents to the clinic for a regular check up. He denies current symptomatology and his last check up was 2 years ago. In addition to a thorough physical examination. Which laboratory test would expect to be ordered? (Select all that apply) 

qCBC, BMP, U/A qCBC, CMP, U/A qLipid profile qCardiac enzymes qHgbA1c qTSH qCXR 

case #2 • The patient’s anti-HTN treatment includes Lisinopril 10 mg PO daily and Amlodipine 5 mg PO daily. Are there any findings physical or laboratory expected from this medications? 

case #2 

• You would look at the levels of Magnesium and Phosphorus for the replacement of Potassium if applicable. Which of the following tests would include these two electrolytes? 

-BMP -CMP -Liver profile -Lipid profile


– The discussion must address the topic

– Rationale must be provided

– May use examples from your nursing practice

– Formatted and cited in current APA 7

– Use 3 academic sources, not older than 5 years. Not Websites are allowed.

– Plagiarism is NOT permitted

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