[Instant Nursing Help From 9$/Pg] Name Two Sources

[Instant Nursing Help From 9$/Pg] Name Two Sources

There are 5 questions that need to be answered with the attached Ted Talk.  


( Minimum 100 Words)

Write a short biography of the speaker. Use the Ted Talk website and the Internet to research the speaker. Do not cut and paste! Please do your research and use your own words!


(Minimum 100 Words)

A. In your own words, what do you believe to be the key idea of this speech?

B. What information is the speaker trying to convey?


A. Using the Definitions from the Required Readings, identify which type of speech this was: Information, Persuasion, or Entertainment?

B. Name two sources the speaker cited. 

( Quotes from another person, quotes from a book or magazine, lyrics from a song or a poem, parts of a famous document, research statistics from a researcher or research project, etc.


( Minimum 100 Words)

A. Was the speaker a credible person to speak on this topic? Why or Why not?

B. Did the speaker appear confident, well-prepared, and knowledgeable? Give Example


( Minimum 100 Words)

A. Was the speech well organized and easy to follow? Give Example

B. Was the speaker effective? Why or Why not?

Ted Talk: https://www.ted.com/talks/amy_cuddy_your_body_language_may_shape_who_you_are

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