[Instant Nursing Help From 9$/Pg] Scholarly Articles Provided

[Instant Nursing Help From 9$/Pg] Scholarly Articles Provided

  “Hawthorne’s Aminadab: Sources and Significance” “Hawthorne’s Aminadab: Sources and Significance” – Alternative Formats  by Thomas Pribek, from Studies in the American Renaissance, vol. 89, 1987, pp. 177-186  

1. Read and annotate or take notes on one (1) of the scholarly articles provided below. As you read, consider the following questions:

a) What new insights does the article offer about the story’s themes, characters, or context? Think about the writer’s purpose.

b) How does the article challenge or confirm your own impressions of the story?

c) What are the strengths and limitations of the writer’s argument?

d) What details from the article do you find thought-provoking and why?


2. Write a thoughtful response that addresses the above questions and offers your own reflections on how the article article strengthened your understanding of “The Birthmark”.

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